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Definition of extremity:

  1. One of locomotive appendages of an animal; a limb; a leg or an arm of man.
  2. The extreme part; the utmost limit; the farthest or remotest point or part; as, the extremities of a country.
  3. The highest degree of inconvenience, pain, or suffering; greatest need or peril; extreme need; necessity.
  4. The utmost point; highest degree; most aggravated or intense form.


limb, finish, completion, utmost, process, purpose, outgrowth, conclusion, design, crisis, period, finger, fulfilment, consequence, foot, politics, consummation, emergency, safety, appendage, goal, uttermost, close, toe, expiration, effect, finale, hand, penis, cessation, phallus, member, outside, termination, result, intent, outcome, issue, accomplishment, finis, achievement, extent, point, flash point, bound, fellow member.

Usage examples: