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Definition of faction:

  1. A party, in political society, combined or acting in union, in opposition to the government, or state; -- usually applied to a minority, but it may be applied to a majority; a combination or clique of partisans of any kind, acting for their own interests, especially if greedy, clamorous, and reckless of the common good.
  2. One of the divisions or parties of charioteers ( distinguished by their colors) in the games of the circus.
  3. Tumult; discord; dissension.


guild, inharmony, religious order, schism, conclave, camarilla, sect, sector, warfare, difference, lobby, disunity, unit, clash, cartel, combine, junto, knot, confederacy, dissent, dissentience, dissidence, variance, junta, contention, concern, religious sect, combination, war, confrontation, machine, disagreement, friction, dissonance, difficulty, conflict, pressure group, cabal, dissension, discordance, disaccord, contingent, bloc, conspiracy, camp, discord, strife, entente, intrigue, partnership, side.

Usage examples: