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Definition of faculty:

  1. A body of a men to whom any specific right or privilege is granted; formerly, the graduates in any of the four departments of a university or college ( Philosophy, Law, Medicine, or Theology), to whom was granted the right of teaching ( profitendi or docendi) in the department in which they had studied; at present, the members of a profession itself; as, the medical faculty; the legal faculty, ect.
  2. Power; prerogative or attribute of office.
  3. Privilege or permission, granted by favor or indulgence, to do a particular thing; authority; license; dispensation.
  4. Special mental endowment; characteristic knack.
  5. The body of person to whom are intrusted the government and instruction of a college or university, or of one of its departments; the president, professors, and tutors in a college.


staff, department, capability, flair, head, genius, efficiency, knack, skill, gift, stave, body, ability, personnel, dexterity, mental faculty, module, energy, foundation, competency, college, capacity, efficacy, aptitude, readiness, forte, cleverness, organization, society, turn, corps, bent, talent, qualification, university, clinic, expertness, aptness, instinct, institute, approach, competence, susceptibility.

Usage examples: