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Definition of faded:

  1. of Fade
  2. That has lost freshness, color, or brightness; grown dim.


purposeless, down-at-heel, exhausted, wearied, worn down, dy, feeble, vitiated, used, better, listless, bedraggled, irresolute, fatigued, ill-defined, weakened, attenuated, sleazy, faint-hearted, washy, spent, played out, scrubby, tatty, attenuate, faltering, half-hearted, hurt, reduced, indistinct, threadbare, watery, faint, diminished, ratty, dog-tired, cut, bleached, decrepit, dyed, broken-down, washed-out, mangy, weak, scruffy, timid, worn out, dim, shopworn, colourless, decaying, all the worse for wear, decreased, lessened, fagged, rundown, coloured, tattered, shoddy, dingy, shabby, colorless, languid, worn, tacky, thinned.

Usage examples: