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Definition of fall apart:

Synonyms for fall apart:

fatigue, put on, better, offend, breach, secernate, cave in, don, distinguish, secern, give, discover, break up, severalize, discontinue, demote, class, snap off, burn, come apart, recrudesce, split, crumble, let yourself go, sort out, get out, bankrupt, check, come to an end, break in, go, branch, weary, hold out, bust, give out, let out, break off, erupt, endure, soften, break out, close, intermit, interrupt, tear, founder, bear, wear thin, dry up, stop, give up to, bump, fag out, burst, give away, wear off, severalise, part, break down, wear down, fall in, ruin, pass, splinter, tumble, fork, get around, single out, relegate, reveal, tire, go bad, assort, fragment, break, run out, damp, fracture, rupture, divorce, bring out, crumple, weaken, go against, violate, die, fail, unwrap, carve up, infract, expose, tingle, discriminate, possess, wear upon, differentiate, walk away with, tell, raid, conk out, sort, shatter, assume, transgress, expire, classify, divulge, kick downstairs, experience, nurse, dissever, tire out, get into, dampen, disclose, overflow, terminate, feel, snap, draw to a close/an end, smash, have on, separate, wear, furcate, let on, break-dance, go to pieces, pause, divide, develop, crack, break away, tell apart, disunite, ramify, outwear, split up, jade, give way, wear out.