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Definition of falter:

  1. Hesitation; trembling; feebleness; an uncertain or broken sound; as, a slight falter in her voice.
  2. To fail in distinctness or regularity of exercise; - said of the mind or of thought.
  3. To hesitate in purpose or action.
  4. To hesitate; to speak brokenly or weakly; to stammer; as, his tongue falters.
  5. To thrash in the chaff; also, to cleanse or sift, as barley.
  6. To tremble; to totter; to be unsteady.
  7. To utter with hesitation, or in a broken, trembling, or weak manner.


cross, stall, put off, slip up, keep your mouth shut, bollix, bobble, muck up, procrastinate, fluctuate, temporize, waffle, clam up, not be getting/going anywhere, blow, be/get bogged down, mess up, hold your tongue, louse up, crumple, stutter, botch up, trip, bumble, flutter, faltering, hit, wait around, bite your tongue/lip, indisposition, disinclination, mishandle, botch, hesitation, bungle, dry up, decide, quiver, fall behind, be no further forward, flash, vacillation, fluff, sit on, quaver, scruple, foul up, hang back, trip up, wobble, ball up, screw up, stumble, hold off, dither, hush, teeter, fumble, toddle, vacillate, stammer, play for time, fall silent, bollocks, flicker, lurch, creep, reluctance, shut up, shilly-shally, flub, crease, gleam, wavering, furrow, weave, reel, bollocks up, flitter, hesitancy, rock, tread water, muff, be getting/going nowhere fast, bollix up, clear, move, bodge, lag, lose out, balance, turn over to, express, waver, spoil.

Usage examples: