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Definition of farce:

  1. A low style of comedy; a dramatic composition marked by low humor, generally written with little regard to regularity or method, and abounding with ludicrous incidents and expressions.
  2. Ridiculous or empty show; as, a mere farce.
  3. Stuffing, or mixture of viands, like that used on dressing a fowl; forcemeat.
  4. To render fat.
  5. To stuff with forcemeat; hence, to fill with mingled ingredients; to fill full; to stuff.
  6. To swell out; to render pompous.


mockery, choke up, gourmandize, overeat, ingurgitate, pretense, comedy, charade, mock, fun, lug, respect, ridicule, forcemeat, put-on, englut, squeeze, sham, same, binge, glut, satiate, overgorge, farce comedy, stuff, overindulge, pig out, engorge, sendup, gormandise, gorge, scarf out, slapstick, travesty, shove, block, pasquinade, thrust, gormandize.

Usage examples: