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Definition of fascinate:

  1. To excite and allure irresistibly or powerfully; to charm; to captivate, as by physical or mental charms.
  2. To influence in an uncontrollable manner; to operate on by some powerful or irresistible charm; to bewitch; to enchant.


trip up, hoodwink, charm, appropriate, enthral, see, fire, turn one on, stir, overpower, arouse, attract, magnetize, titillate, spike, hex, make a hit, empale, magnetise, jinx, take in, bewitch, intrigue, witch, thrill, tempt, bait the hook, enchant, juggle, engage, pick up, get, transport, raise to fever heat, interest, pique, overhear, seduce, hitch, overtake, ravish, tease, ensnare, hold spellbound, enamour, overwhelm, arrest, mesmerise, knock dead, invite, becharm, capture, entrance, mesmerize, excite, carry away, delight, cast a spell over, take hold of, influence, enthrall, transfix, win, please, catch, connive, entice, seize, enslave, gain ascendancy over, excite, lure, grapple, captivate, glamour, absorb, draw, catch up, engage the thoughts, attach, like, allure, tantalize, stimulate, appeal to, lead on, kindle, enrapture, rivet, inflame with love, impale, view, catch up with, provoke, enamor, compel, scheme, grip, grab, invite attention, hold, subdue, beguile, animate, spellbind, trance, conquer, coax, intoxicate, watch.

Usage examples: