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Definition of fashionable:

  1. A person who conforms to the fashions; - used chiefly in the plural.
  2. Conforming to the fashion or established mode; according with the prevailing form or style; as, a fashionable dress.
  3. Established or favored by custom or use; current; prevailing at a particular time; as, the fashionable philosophy; fashionable opinions.
  4. Genteel; well- bred; as, fashionable society.
  5. Observant of the fashion or customary mode; dressing or behaving according to the prevailing fashion; as, a fashionable man.


supercool, upscale, the thing, du jour, now, futuristic, current, favorite, natty, high-style, fashion-conscious, going like wildfire, in style, latest, popularized, snazzy, all the rage, jaunty, ahead of your/its etc. time, raffish, au courant, advanced, in, Olde Worlde, popular, swell, in the latest mode, newest, happening, up-to-the-minute, upmarket, rakish, swank, chichi, trendsetting, chic, spruce, trig, up-to-date, faddish, style, exclusive, popular with, modernistic, last, favored, elegant, snappy, flashy, large, smart, trendy, modish, being done, spiffy, big, a la mode, prevalent, hip, faddy, hot, cool, pop, crowd-pleasing, usual, state-of-the-art, stylish, old-time, classy, voguish, red-hot, mod, space-age, posh, groovy, swagger, sharp, swanky, dapper, designer, modern, contemporary, dashing, in the swim, jamming them in, in vogue, quaint, with-it, yuppie, swish, fresh.

Usage examples: