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Definition of fateful:

  1. Having the power of serving or accomplishing fate.
  2. Significant of fate; ominous.


pitch-dark, ignominious, crucial, decide, unlucky, pitch-black, dark, smutty, bootleg, prophetic, unfortunate, catastrophic, bleak, black-market, decisive, calamitous, smuggled, grave, fire-and-brimstone, ruinous, fated, fatal, disastrous, contraband, direful, inevitable, black, apocalyptical, prophetical, blackened, inglorious, hellfire, momentous, critical, destructive, apocalyptic, ruinous, help, portentous, certain, grim, ominous, cataclysmal, deadly, opprobrious, dire, shameful, lethal, dim, disgraceful, apocalyptical, sinister, cataclysmic, foreboding, warn, luck, mordant, destructive, baneful, ominous.

Usage examples: