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Definition of fatten:

  1. To grow fat or corpulent; to grow plump, thick, or fleshy; to be pampered.
  2. To make fat; to feed for slaughter; to make fleshy or plump with fat; to fill full; to fat.
  3. To make fertile and fruitful; to enrich; as, to fatten land; to fatten fields with blood.


plop, expound, fatten up, brand, plump out, lucubrate, starve, plunk down, exposit, complete, eke out, dairy, round, escalate, plump down, plank, round out, fat, reduce, expatiate, go, fill out, soar, double, make out, crook, crate, plunk, dip, constrict, stuff, plonk, flesh out, cattle prod, pad, add to, fill, fill in, cram, go through the roof, plump, fatten out, elaborate, go up, cow town, plummet, corral, flump, step up.

Usage examples: