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Definition of fellate:

Synonyms for fellate:

draw, float, gas, be adrift, louse up, bollocks, breastfeed, swash, gasconade, mishandle, absorb, squander, wet-nurse, suck in, blow, waste, bollix, take in, bluster, bollix up, bobble, suckle, bodge, suck up, drift, burn out, bollocks up, lactate, fumble, soak up, tout, imbibe, botch, screw up, shove off, sop up, ball up, brag, spoil, suck, shove along, blow out, fluff, give suck, bungle, go down on, shoot a line, muck up, vaunt, take up, bumble, botch up, mess up, foul up, muff, boast, flub, nurse.