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Definition of fend:

  1. A fiend.
  2. To act on the defensive, or in opposition; to resist; to parry; to shift off.
  3. To keep off; to prevent from entering or hitting; to ward off; to shut out; - often with off; as, to fend off blows.


get along, remain firm, defy, repel, allow, beat off, tolerate, digest, hold out, make out, resist, preserve, stand firm, dissent, do, shift, endure, manage, thrive, strike, stand up, repulse, brook, get by, place upright, jib, refuse, fare, withstand, bear, stand, ward off, attack, parry, keep off, stick out, suffer, stomach, abide, reject, balk, protest, repel, muddle through, baulk, put up.

Usage examples: