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Definition of fib:

  1. A falsehood; a lie; - used euphemistically.
  2. To speak falsely.
  3. To tell a fib to.


tommyrot, fable, twaddle, misspeak, tale, chronicle, canard, concoct, floor, bilgewater, invent, true, tall tale, tarradiddle, bend the truth, account, half-truth, level, storey, white lie, a tissue of lies, misrepresentation, whopper, drool, misinformation, narration, fabrication, cock-and-bull story, news report, story, taradiddle, fabricate, disinformation, write up, report, misrepresentation, history, invention, deceive, misstatement, narrative, bosh, fish story, prevarication, boloney, fiction, make up, mislead, fairy tale, mendacity, inveracity, falsity, tosh, manufacture, humbug.

Usage examples: