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Definition of fiction:

  1. An assumption of a possible thing as a fact, irrespective of the question of its truth.
  2. Any like assumption made for convenience, as for passing more rapidly over what is not disputed, and arriving at points really at issue.
  3. Fictitious literature; comprehensively, all works of imagination; specifically, novels and romances.
  4. That which is feigned, invented, or imagined; especially, a feigned or invented story, whether oral or written. Hence: A story told in order to deceive; a fabrication; - opposed to fact, or reality.
  5. The act of feigning, inventing, or imagining; as, by a mere fiction of the mind.


classic, metaphor, fable, simile, fib, fancy, canard, prevarication, fantasy, comedy, invention, falsity, whopper, fish story, vision, adaptation, untruth, manufacturing, misrepresentation, real, detective, reverie, illustration, belief, dream, lie, fabrication, fictionalisation, fictionalization, daydream, manufacture, apologue, misstatement, lying, tall tale, cock-and-bull story, creation, phantasma, drama, phantasm, true, black comedy, inveracity, assembly, illusion.

Usage examples: