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Definition of fierce:

  1. Excessively earnest, eager, or ardent.
  2. Furious; violent; unrestrained; impetuous; as, a fierce wind.
  3. Vehement in anger or cruelty; ready or eager to kill or injure; of a nature to inspire terror; ferocious.


vicious, rabid, menacing, frightening, gravelly, ardent, fiery, moderate, barbarous, knockabout, merciless, bumpy, fell, hellish, tearing, vehement, angered, violent, trigger-happy, tough, feral, cutthroat, boisterous, destructive, enraged, irate, fearsome, raspy, stormy, frantic, concentrated, barbaric, ferine, grim, big, hard, wolfish, uncivilised, truculent, untrained, jolting, crude, intensive, howling, insane, approximative, primitive, hard-boiled, thunderous, mad, scratchy, frightful, sense, rocky, murderous, virulent, strong, brutal, unruly, bowelless, red, venomous, bloody, ferocious, bold, devastating, acute, bestial, bloodthirsty, ruthless, uncultivated, fearful, rasping, turbulent, sanguinary, dangerous, robustious, raving, fervent, unbridled, rumbustious, furious, grating, angry, savage, cruel, infuriated, untamed, malevolent, barbarian, roughshod, threatening, unrestrained, maddened, crimson, heavy, animal, rambunctious, mild, wrathful, severe, tame, unmerciful, heightened, unsmooth, rough, help, monstrous, awful, hostile, passionate, high, kind, deep, pugnacious, approximate, uncontrolled, inclement, fanatical, malign, jumpy, terrible, tempestuous, lowering, intense, impetuous, aggressive, uncivilized, desperate, uncut, harsh, inhuman, gentle, jolty.

Usage examples: