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Definition of fiercely:

Synonyms for fiercely:

roaring, irately, sorely, most, with rage, full, rabidly, relentlessly, menacingly, roaringly, much, spanking, highly, frighteningly, right, viciously, archly, incredibly, whacking, seriously, way, surpassingly, strenuously, sore, grimly, aggressively, wicked, hefty, ever, dang, awful, greatly, bone, truculently, fantastically, mighty, forcefully, extremely, strongly, achingly, damned, overpoweringly, heavy, jolly, vastly, passionately, hugely, badly, immensely, stinking, monstrous, passing, so, fierce, frantically, cruelly, maleficently, cracking, brutally, mightily, sorry, insanely, unco, damn, powerful, specially, fanatically, riotously, strong, almighty, enormously, desperately, thumping, supremely, uncommonly, unspeakable, corking, utterly, especially, threateningly, in a frenzy, venomously, tumultuously, forcibly, mortally, extra, colossally, full on the mouth/chin etc., heavily, monstrously, eminently, such as it is, roughly, frenziedly, really, impetuously, super, filthy, too, malignly, wrathfully, vitally, sadly, thorough, fabulously, exceedingly, tooth and nail, malevolently, awfully, far, horribly, real, hopelessly, severely, downright, terribly, rattling, dangerously, excruciating, boldly, madly, utter, ruthlessly, particularly, hard, deadly, convulsively, angrily, such, blisteringly, raveningly, beastly, lightly, irresistibly, virulently, turbulently, frightfully, that, majorly.

Usage examples: