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Definition of filch:

  1. To steal or take privily ( commonly, that which is of little value); to pilfer.


kidnap, soak, bring up, vacate, revoke, overcharge, gyp, rear, twitch, hook, mulct, creep, gazump, elevate, cabbage, snatch, purloin, repeal, knock off, wind, swipe, lift, countermand, plume, accost, come up, uprise, give, vellicate, diddle, goldbrick, top, crimp, snarf, rise, crimes, move up, get up, arise, victimize, annul, twinge, surcharge, abstract, thieve, rescind, snare, face-lift, pinch, sneak, hornswoggle, solicit, plagiarise, tweet, mouse, crochet, go up, rip off, airlift, short-change, gip, reverse, addict, scam, bunco, con, abduct, pluck, nobble, glom, pilfer, overturn, pussyfoot, snitch, slip, raise, rook, squeeze, hoist.

Usage examples: