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Definition of finally:

  1. At the end or conclusion; ultimately; lastly; as, the contest was long, but the Romans finally conquered.
  2. Completely; beyond recovery.


firm, sometime, ultimate, at long last, certainly, ultimately, irreversible, tardily, in the long run, in time, for good, final, succeeding, after, definitely, unchanging, invariable, unvarying, start, subsequently, belatedly, assuredly, lastly, once and for all, temporarily, time, last, eventual, (as) a last resort, terminal, at last, beyond, momentarily, concluding, crowning, ensuing, start, at length, whatever happens, someday, in the course of time, sooner or later, in the end, subsequent, closing, permanently, in conclusion, following, constant, deciding, rigid, eventually, since.

Usage examples: