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Definition of first:

  1. Before any other person or thing in time, space, rank, etc.; - much used in composition with adjectives and participles.
  2. Foremost; in front of, or in advance of, all others.
  3. Most eminent or exalted; most excellent; chief; highest; as, Demosthenes was the first orator of Greece.
  4. Preceding all others of a series or kind; the ordinal of one; earliest; as, the first day of a month; the first year of a reign.
  5. The upper part of a duet, trio, etc., either vocal or instrumental; - so called because it generally expresses the air, and has a preeminence in the combined effect.


first base, key, incomparable, inceptive, counterbalance, bachelor's degree, car wash, commencement exercise, the fact (of the matter) is, oldest, low, antecedent, initiatory, firstborn, first of all, capital, number one, jumper cables, a first, cardinal, low gear, central, root, introductory, first class, ordinal, visionary, prototypal, first-year, foremost, premier, prototypical, world-class, leadoff, archetypal, initial, before, originator, master, jump, basic, great, supreme, presiding, essentially, chief, since, second to none, headmost, highest, preeminent, archetypical, send-off, primary, origin, source, branch, first off, first-rate, inaugural, previous, main, commencement, mainly, engineer, scandal, outgrowth, first-class honours degree, numero uno, set-back, sovereign, start, frontmost, revelation, offset, at first, progenitor, auto, associate degree, par excellence, number 1, greatest, overbearing, 2.1, graduation, depression, high, pioneer, ultimate, anterior, initiative, prime, last, B.A., lube job, head, rudimentary, front-end, premiere, from the get-go, maiden, A.A., advanced degree, major, dominant, barely, the AAA, earliest, offshoot, prior, rootage, runner, get-go, by the time, body shop, commencement ceremony, setoff, Associate of Arts, grand, associate, big, author, importantly, affront, starting line, scratch line, eldest, scratch, predominant, there is no substitute for something, a rude awakening, freshman, leading, baccalaureate, shock, important, 1st, earlier, not just any..., in essence, zinger, prototypic, opening, creative commons, basically, blow, top, stolon, jump leads, commanding, for the first time, principal, front, ideal, start-off, startle, 2.2, defrost, creator, unsurpassed, starting signal, at the end of the day, first gear, overriding, a blinding revelation/realization/vision, paramount, firstly, arch, all along, lead, forward, graduation exercise, beginning, head start, starting time, original, overmastering, best, virgin, showtime, advance, kickoff, offset printing, supereminent, automobile, outset, inventor, surprise.

Usage examples: