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Definition of fit out:

Synonyms for fit out:

go, suit, prune, line up, lop, connect, raiment, plume, curry, cover up, dress, primp, preen, coiffure, dress up, hook into, check, gibe, clip, jibe, robe, snip, slip into, automate, crop, wear, invest, ground, dress out, agree, fit, garment, garb, apparel, drape, put on, cut back, tog, equip, outfit, tally, habilitate, adorn, try on, attach, get dressed, set, close, groom, clothe, meet, coif, pull on, alarm, trim, correspond, accommodate, coiffe, match, enclothe, cloak, disconnect, conform to, do, decorate, arrange, wrap up, garnish.

  • supply (part of speech: noun)