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Definition of fitness:

  1. The state or quality of being fit; as, the fitness of measures or laws; a person's fitness for office.


harmony, suitableness, properness, rightness, soundness, form, expediency, aptitude, state, correspondence, aptitude, adequacy, fettle, assimilation, applicability, congeniality, seemliness, unfitness, consonance, condition, pertinence, eligibility, assimilation, adaptation, verdure, compatibility, trim, order, consistency, concurrence, consistency, physical fitness, worthiness, harmony, compatibility, decorum, adaptation, constitution, seaworthiness, relevance, handiness, competence, seemliness, agreeableness, wellness, sap, happiness, consonance, competence, wholeness, accordance, decency, keeping, accommodation, fittingness, pertinence, qualification, keeping, agreeableness, accordance, inappropriateness, mental health, congeniality, concurrence, ability, relevance, unfitness, decorum, good condition, accommodation, kilter, applicability, adequacy, expediency, appositeness, healthiness, good shape, better, correspondence, qualification, rightness, ill health, shape, heartiness, decency, felicitousness, inappropriateness.

Usage examples: