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Definition of fixed:

  1. of Fix
  2. Securely placed or fastened; settled; established; firm; imovable; unalterable.
  3. Stable; non- volatile.


headstrong, situated, unconquerable, decide, flash-frozen, intent, mulish, inflexible, steadfast, glacial, contumacious, immovable, steady, reconditioned, resolute, unadjustable, taped, determined, obstinate, geostationary, stubborn, repaired, icy, unplanned, unbending, leaded, intractable, stiff, unyielding, hardened, solid, flat, unflinching, firm, restored, regressive, geosynchronous, dictated, immobile, decided, quick-frozen, bent, strict, stationary, definite, refractory, frozen, pertinacious, fast, specified, limited, packed, fit, rigid, indomitable, frosty, resolved, surprising, obdurate, unexpected, move, fastened, primed, unmovable, nonmoving, wintry, unmoving, concentrated, certain, heady, stock-still, change, dogged, opinionated, laid, set, frigid, unchangeable, determinate, given.

Usage examples: