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Definition of flamboyant:

  1. Characterized by waving or flamelike curves, as in the tracery of windows, etc.; - said of the later ( 15th century) French Gothic style.


marked, emphatic, trophy, huisache, florid, splurgy, ablaze, unrestrained, bodacious, sweet acacia, pretentious, brilliant, sporty, fire tree, prominent, noisy, flaring, gilt, jazzy, Delonix Regia, eye-catching, sanguine, remarkable, scented wattle, grand, royal poinciana, bright, razzle-dazzle, catchy, conspicuous, arresting, Poinciana regia, broad-leaved bottletree, flame durrajong, glossy, fancy, chintzy, flaming, bleached, colorful, commanding, flame tree, showy, pronounced, golden, flash, plain, loud, grandly, color-coded, sweet wattle, extravagant, clean, kenspeckle, cassie, cold, glitzy, rubicund, gold, resplendent, peacock flower, striking, swank, mimosa bush, ruddy, aureate, bold, colored, bling, brash, grabby.

Usage examples: