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Definition of flame:

  1. A person beloved; a sweetheart.
  2. A stream of burning vapor or gas, emitting light and heat; darting or streaming fire; a blaze; a fire.
  3. Ardor of affection; the passion of love.
  4. Burning zeal or passion; elevated and noble enthusiasm; glowing imagination; passionate excitement or anger.
  5. To burn with a flame or blaze; to burn as gas emitted from bodies in combustion; to blaze.
  6. To burst forth like flame; to break out in violence of passion; to be kindled with zeal or ardor.
  7. To kindle; to inflame; to excite.


honey, singe, burn up, consume, sweetie pie, flack, flaming, scorch, set fire to, digital signature, ardour, beau, combustion, flame up, catch fire, bounce, gleam, firing, squeeze, attach, spontaneous combustion, surge, sweet, fervour, burn, sweetie, drain, conflagration, fervidness, flare out, cauterize, cross-post, fire, spark, ignite, ASCII art, fervency, spasm, impulse, blind copy, attack, char, dot, lover, flicker, flush, flood, flare, incinerate, love, outburst, wildfire, burst out, brand, flash, fit, copy in, fervor, dear, blaze up, ardor, kindle, cremate, boyfriend, go up, girlfriend, glare, spurt, break open, color, blush, address, firestorm, ignition, erupt, hon, set on fire, rush, blaze, irrupt, blast, color up, flak, inferno, hot, attachment, darling, truelove, catch, twinge, glow, flare up, beloved.

Usage examples: