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Definition of flare:

  1. A defect in a photographic objective such that an image of the stop, or diaphragm, appears as a fogged spot in the center of the developed negative.
  2. A spreading outward; as, the flare of a fireplace.
  3. An unsteady, broad, offensive light.
  4. Leaf of lard.
  5. To be exposed to too much light.
  6. To burn with an unsteady or waving flame; as, the candle flares.
  7. To open or spread outwards; to project beyond the perpendicular; as, the sides of a bowl flare; the bows of a ship flare.
  8. To shine out with a sudden and unsteady light; to emit a dazzling or painfully bright light.
  9. To shine out with gaudy colors; to flaunt; to be offensively bright or showy.


ostentation, shimmer, wink, style, glare, flash, burn up, jiffy, newsbreak, come out, incandescence, panache, twinkle, breathe fire, flame up, dash, twinkling, gleaming, burn, explosion, glistering, flare pass, break open, flashbulb, flashing, brief blaze, bristle, trice, push through, split second, blow up, rage, recrudesce, irrupt, flare-up, news bulletin, study at flame, flicker, blaze up, photoflash, split, burst out, flashgun, elan, pop out, catch fire, fanfare, flame, fume, break out, the, belch, scintillation, flash bulb, combust, anger, start, extravasate, solar flare, flair, luster, feelings, explode, flare out, burn off, blow a gasket, red, go up, illumination, ignite, instant, burst, blink of an eye, foam, take fire, fly off the handle, break through, erupt, heartbeat, shining, newsflash, glimmer, burn down, hot, boil over, blow a fuse, steam, fly, break, sheen, intrude, flash lamp, glistening, genius, get hot under the collar, conflagrate.

Usage examples: