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Definition of flatten:

  1. To become or grow flat, even, depressed dull, vapid, spiritless, or depressed below pitch.
  2. To lower the pitch of; to cause to sound less sharp; to let fall from the pitch.
  3. To make vapid or insipid; to render stale.
  4. To reduce to an even surface or one approaching evenness; to make flat; to level; to make plane.
  5. To throw down; to bring to the ground; to prostrate; hence, to depress; to deject; to dispirit.


smoke, press, discharge, snow under, fell, smoothen, throw off, level off, floor, crush, shellac, bomb, cast off, neglect, straighten, overlook, bend, expend, trounce, ground, thrash, trash, skin, beat, cream, win, cast, defeat, unload, knock, drop down, tromp, squash, shed, ravage, deform, whomp, abrade, bring down, omit, drip, rout, spread out, flatten out, send away, drop off, overleap, dribble, floor, clobber, ruin, trim, overpower, dismiss, flat, form, beat down, dust, sink, depress, bury, overcome, whup, curl, cut down, skunk, miss, take down, roll out, strike down, debase, even out, knock down, wallop, prostrate, ground, plaster down, steamroller, rub, drop, scrunch, leave out, squeeze, lay out, devolve, open up, dangle, put down, set down, deck, blow away, smother, eat away, pretermit, punch someone's lights out, degenerate, prostrate, wear down, mutilate, twist, down, drub, shape, wax, work, paste, whop, knock off, vandalize, level out, send packing, shatter, shake off, smooth out, straighten, knock down, spend, nip, swing, throw, throw away, deteriorate, knock out, reshape, obliterate, rise.

Usage examples: