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Definition of flattery:

  1. The act or practice of flattering; the act of pleasing by artiful commendation or compliments; adulation; false, insincere, or excessive praise.


sweet talk, compliments, laudation, palaver, honeyed words, insincere commendation, flattering remarks, panegyric, apple polishing, tribute, gallantry, soft words, ego massage, plaudit, strokes, incense, sycophancy, unctuousness, slaver, pretty speeches, excessive compliment, plaudits, encomium, toadying, banana oil, applesauce, bootlicking, stroking, fulsome praise, cheers, gratification, puffery, soft soap, oil, lip salve, eyewash, fawning, false praise, acclamation, brown-nosing, approbation, blandishment, hokum, wheedling, cheering, blarney.

Usage examples: