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Definition of flaw:

  1. A crack or breach; a gap or fissure; a defect of continuity or cohesion; as, a flaw in a knife or a vase.
  2. A defect; a fault; as, a flaw in reputation; a flaw in a will, in a deed, or in a statute.
  3. A sudden burst of noise and disorder; a tumult; uproar; a quarrel.
  4. A sudden burst or gust of wind of short duration.
  5. To break; to violate; to make of no effect.
  6. To crack; to make flaws in.


faulting, beautiful, daub, reproach, injury, defect, dishonor, demerit, blemish, blur, soil, shift, smirch, break, help, better, study at defect, bug, shortcoming, disgrace, dent, fault, geological fault.

Usage examples: