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Definition of fleck:

  1. A flake; also, a lock, as of wool.
  2. A spot; a streak; a speckle.
  3. To spot; to streak or stripe; to variegate; to dapple.


mo, plot of ground, spy, darn, piece, eyepatch, combat, make out, microchip, slur, spot, potato chip, spotting, blot, geek, mend, trash, while, moment, billet, mite, cow chip, pick out, poker chip, splintering, place, eccentric person, cow dung, spell, buffalo chip, plot, rubbish, speckle, eccentric, office, dapple, scrap, dash, routine, recognise, pinpoint, topographic point, crisp, MARKS, point, morsel, tell apart, turn, temporary hookup, flake, spotlight, snatch, act, smear, bite, daub, smirch, maculation, pip, touch, silicon chip, position, smudge, bandage, minute, situation, bit, chip, microprocessor chip, second, post, chip shot, snowflake, descry, oddball, plot of land, particle, staining, recognize, fight, berth, patch, fighting, espy, blob, discern, distinguish, micro chip, chipping, number.

Usage examples: