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Definition of flick:

  1. A flitch; as, a flick of bacon.
  2. A light quick stroke or blow, esp. with something pliant; a flirt; also, the sound made by such a blow.
  3. To throw, snap, or toss with a jerk; to flirt; as, to flick a whiplash.
  4. To whip lightly or with a quick jerk; to flap; as, to flick a horse; to flick the dirt from boots.


impression, motion picture, tick, icon, word picture, mess up, picture show, graze, yank, flip over, moving-picture show, come home, rupture, twitch, alternate, ikon, finger, shuffle, brush, scene, cluck, thumb, cock, photographic film, painting, tear, strut, clack, mix, delineation, rumple, prance, snarl, depiction, exposure, lose it, crack, leaf, movie, riff, skim, jerk, mental picture, switch, celluloid, photograph, pictorial matter, get through, cinema, ruffle up, sink in, film, touch, fluff, tack, get across, word-painting, interchange, flip, image, dawn, photo, ripple, snatch up, riffle, hitchhike, fall into place, flutter, click, quiver, picture, hitch, sashay, plastic film, snap, ruffle, pleat, characterisation, break down, buck, waver, cockle, bust, chatter, shoot, sky, motion-picture show, penetrate, snatch, tittup, characterization, undulate, moving picture, turn over, flicker, video, pic, flitter, swagger, flip-flop, flip out.

Usage examples: