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Definition of flicker:

  1. The act of wavering or of fluttering; flucuation; sudden and brief increase of brightness; as, the last flicker of the dying flame.
  2. The golden- winged woodpecker ( Colaptes aurutus); - so called from its spring note. Called also yellow- hammer, high- holder, pigeon woodpecker, and yucca.
  3. To flutter; to flap the wings without flying.
  4. To waver unsteadily, like a flame in a current of air, or when about to expire; as, the flickering light.


leaf, go up, surge, flitter, flap, shining, film, come and go, click, flit, picture, dart, electric discharge, coruscation, riff, scintillation, arc, sheen, riffle, bird of paradise, falter, motion picture, light, budgie, electric arc, flush, whiff, gleam, quaver, flick, dive, burst, faltering, glint, twitch, quiver, dance, hoo-ha, blackbird, kerfuffle, flash, disruption, study at flame, dazzle, fit, blaze, catch fire, spark, emerge, impulse, hesitate, wink, repetition, glistering, burn, bobwhite, lurch, commotion, incandescence, luster, gleaming, bluejay, trace, moving picture, twinkling, bullfinch, shine, to-do, touch, ignite, hurly burly, continue, glare, erupt, kindle, vacillate, glistening, hover, spurt, pop up, glow, outburst, flame, bat, quake, disturbance, flare-up, bluebird, rush, breath, glitter, descend on, spring, fluctuate, discharge, jump, tang, fluttering, break through, budgerigar, crop up, bantam, ruffle, start, jerk, pulsate, jolt, twinge, thumb, waver, catch, lunge, come at, snap, flurry, beat, shoot up, glance, weave, spasm, flip, barn owl, hesitation, radiance, palpitate, flare, suggestion, hoo-hah, waffle, illumination, flapping, spring up, flutter, fleet.

Usage examples: