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Definition of flip-flop:

Synonyms for flip-flop:

sky, flip out, riffle, tack together, put together, hang on, transposition, transpose, piece, reversion, change of mind, assemble, understudy, a change of heart, switch over, append, exchange, turnaround, turn around, take turns, shift, reverse, about-turn, turnround, replace, capitulate, boot, on second thought, tack, leap, volte-face, flip over, pitch, about-face, twitch, renounce, setback, tag on, swap, convert, conversion, counterchange, change over, thong, tack on, baste, alternate, desert boot, flick, deck shoe, change, swop, backpedal, clodhoppers, crosstrainer, brogues, move with the times, toss, clog, set up, riff, turnaround time, see reason/sense, switch, cowboy boots, throw, adapt, blow, interchange, thumb, U-turn, leaf, flip, reversal, jump, revise, cleats, policy change, Birkenstock, substitute, reappraisal, trade, lash, change your mind, wear round, turn over, move on, black eye, turnabout.