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Definition of flock:

  1. A Christian church or congregation; considered in their relation to the pastor, or minister in charge.
  2. A company or collection of living creatures; - especially applied to sheep and birds, rarely to persons or ( except in the plural) to cattle and other large animals; as, a flock of ravenous fowl.
  3. A lock of wool or hair.
  4. To coat with flock, as wall paper; to roughen the surface of ( as glass) so as to give an appearance of being covered with fine flock.
  5. To flock to; to crowd.
  6. To gather in companies or crowds.
  7. Very fine, sifted, woolen refuse, especially that from shearing the nap of cloths, used as a coating for wall paper to give it a velvety or clothlike appearance; also, the dust of vegetable fiber used for a similar purpose.
  8. Woolen or cotton refuse ( sing. pl.), old rags, etc., reduced to a degree of fineness by machinery, and used for stuffing unpholstered furniture.


big bucks, hoi polloi, jackpot, Amish, hatch, survey, batch, atomic pile, hatful, plica, bunch up, crapper, plenty, rush, slew, clop, atomic reactor, fix, sheepcote, potbelly, bulk, muckle, the great unwashed, stud, plentitude, deal, convene, score, chaw, luck, pickle, hole, locoweed, benefice, quid, array, plenteousness, cram, can, pad, visual modality, cloud, tummy, flash mob, nap, portion, legion, throne, Bible thumper, Anglican, hand, tidy sum, visual sense, scout group, big money, push-down list, megabucks, potful, gather, passel, mound, press, multitude, plenitude, gathering, potentiometer, view, brood, circumstances, vision, draw, assemble, bus, filling, dope, potty, bike, destiny, Christendom, jalopy, flight, sheep pen, jam, busload, voltaic pile, stool, wad, lot, meet with, fortune, throng, muster, swarm, chew, spile, kettle of fish, bend, green goddess, backing, kitty, raft, dot, whole lot, scrum, softwood, big, bay window, get together, agglomerate, sight, tighten, upsurge, gaggle, skunk, commode, meet, rout, weed, heap, mint, spate, bundle, peck, lining, push-down store, fate, community, mass, constellation, plug, crimp, age group, horde, clomp, plication, ruck, beadle, clunk, collect, plentifulness, mess, galvanic pile, mount, brace, ken, trade, toilet, kapok, Calvinism, cud, mussiness, flexure, good deal, freshet, stack, business deal, caboodle, clump, masses, sens, bargain, congregate, gage, pot, crease, troop, muddle, stuffing, stilt, acolyte, grass, clutch, crush, great deal, mint candy, volume, mickle, chain reactor, muss, messiness, piling, plunk, flowerpot, push-down storage, whole slew, mess hall, Benedictine, cluster, faithful, down, cumulus, people, surge, pile, mountain, cumulation, corporation, Baptist, quite a little, sess, scout troop, push-down stack, folding, smokestack, smoke, constellate, sheepfold.

Usage examples: