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Definition of flog:

  1. To beat or strike with a rod or whip; to whip; to lash; to chastise with repeated blows.


rebuke, jaw, call down, scold, lather, batter, call on the carpet, thrash about, pommel, reprimand, lambast, lay into, shell, reproof, cane, attack, spank, beat, thresh, rack up, scald, crush, switch, lecture, slash, overcome, take to task, rag, dress down, pip, vanquish, lash, study at beat, welt, defeat, jactitate, trounce, bawl out, bastinado, convulse, chew out, reward, whisk, thresh about, chide, chastise, strike, cut down, hide, remonstrate, toss, belabor, soap, gash, surpass, castigate, cudgel, mop up, smite, bruise, lambaste, trim, have words, beat out, berate, worst, whip, strap, scourge, thrash, blister, lick, chew up, pound, conquer.

Usage examples: