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Definition of flowering:

  1. Having conspicuous flowers; - used as an epithet with many names of plants; as, flowering ash; flowering dogwood; flowering almond, etc.
  2. of Flower
  3. The act of adorning with flowers.
  4. The act of blossoming, or the season when plants blossom; florification.


breakthrough, efflorescence, peak, aquatic, roselike, unfolding, lilylike, prime, skin rash, glory days, orchidlike, biennial, efflorescent, rash, bushy, pinnacle, roseola, golden age, someone's day in the sun, aromatic, florescence, arboreal, heyday, comeback, anthesis, abloom, blossoming, creeping, mature, flush, pealike, bare, barren, androgynous, algal, flowerlike, inflorescence, flowery, bloom, blossomy, blossom, blooming, petallike, high tide, flower, bloomy.

Usage examples: