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Definition of fluff:

  1. Nap or down; flue; soft, downy feathers.
  2. To make or become fluffy; to move lightly like fluff.


impair, foil, cod, mess, muff, thwart, muck up, boast, swash, falter, tantalise, shove along, pleat, grope, slip-up, swagger, tease apart, mollycoddle, japery, harlequinade, bollocks, mishandle, float, flub, bluster, spoil, baffle, lapse, mismanage, drift, itch, clowning, go bad, rape, stutter, indulge, brag, blow, heat up, waste, badger, plunder, burn out, bilk, tease, taunt, rally, mess-up, squander, bollocks up, corrupt, riffle, bumble, shove off, bungle, cocker, beleaguer, foul-up, bug, cross, rag, buffoonery, tittup, be adrift, flick, vitiate, rumple, shoot a line, vaunt, shuffle, misconduct, fuck up, frippery, razz, cock, fumble, tout, bar billiards, scotch, correct, dust, hot up, undulate, fuzz, deflower, prank, tantalize, botch, mix, bollix up, coddle, card, ball up, loosen, frustrate, pester, suck, gas, fellate, frivolousness, bobble, mire, go down on, bait, bodge, louse up, screw up, lint, gasconade, fur, botch up, frivolity, sashay, strut, ruffle up, mud, despoil, bollix, ride, ruffle, ripple, stammer, twit, prance, baby, cosset, blow out, cockle, bagatelle, featherbed, violate, muck, pamper.

Usage examples: