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Definition of flutter:

  1. Hurry; tumult; agitation of the mind; confusion; disorder.
  2. The act of fluttering; quick and irregular motion; vibration; as, the flutter of a fan.
  3. To drive in disorder; to throw into confusion.
  4. To vibrate or move quickly; as, a bird flutters its wings.


noise, fleet, hoo-hah, fray, to-do, weave, stew, waffle, cream, folie, beat, flash, hover, ruffle, flitter, break, vacillate, joggle, turmoil, fuss, reel, interruption, blow over, shiver, pulsate, swing, move, tumult, pass off, fly, flicker, totter, waggle, rumpus, quaver, upset, lather, sail, brandish, whirl, shudder, pother, interference, quake, ruction, evanesce, fluttering, fluster, perturbation, vibrate, shoot, thrill, wing, fluctuate, jar, gap, calm, tizzy, pass, flaps, rock, fade, hesitation, faltering, mental disturbance, hoo-ha, thrash, bat, flick, repetition, disruption, jounce, psychological disorder, oscillate, sway, flap, din, agitation, quiver, flit, drub, clobber, spark, stir, dash, flapping, scoot, waver, commotion, hesitate, agitate, scud, jolt, falter, dart, flop, mental disorder, shake, ripple, kerfuffle, lick, ruckus, dither, dislocation, palpitate, hurly-burly, affray, disturbance.

Usage examples: