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Definition of flying:

  1. Moving in the air with, or as with, wings; moving lightly or rapidly; intended for rapid movement.


dizzy, aerobatics, trajectory, zippy, airlift, waving, ready, lightning, escape, rapid-fire, helter-skelter, degenerate, rash, truehearted, moving, short, airborne, articulate, flight, jet-propelled, profligate, straightaway, airline, drive-by, caged, hurried, airlink, uppermost, ephemeral, temporary, winging, deft, fugitive, plummeting, swooping, blowing, agile, top, transient, dissolute, high, rushed, mobile, elevated, aerial, air-minded, air traffic control, brief, fast-flying, upper, air mile, gliding, volant, topmost, airspeed, aquatic, nimble, spry, loyal, high up, over, air-to-air, flaring, immediate, air pocket, quick, androgynous, flitting, running, winged, air corridor, arboreal, aloft, baggage check, snappy, nippy, evanescent, gadarene, at full speed/tilt/throttle, anthropoid, asexual, accompanied baggage, air rage, baggage storage, aflare, Icarian, fluttering, in flight, prompt, riotous, overhasty, precipitous, fast, flight of steps, on the wing, whirlwind, fleeting, hot, hovering, splitting, precipitate, in mid-air, floating, headlong, expeditious, dissipated, rattling, transitory, degraded, momentary, libertine, aerospace, cursory, rising, baggage allowance, blistering, cruising, firm, passing, immobile, amphibious, air, drifting, volitant, zooming, above, pell-mell, flight of stairs, airdrop, airfare, avian, warm, high-speed, captive, debauched, fleet-footed, best-of-breed.

Usage examples: