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Definition of foment:

  1. Fomentation.
  2. State of excitation; - perh. confused with ferment.
  3. To apply a warm lotion to; to bathe with a cloth or sponge wet with warm water or medicated liquid.
  4. To cherish with heat; to foster.
  5. To nurse to life or activity; to cherish and promote by excitements; to encourage; to abet; to instigate; - used often in a bad sense; as, to foment ill humors.


foster, vex, commove, heat, pique, campaign, work up, elevate, inflame, prefer, egg on, further, advance, stir up, set off, exalt, shift, charge up, charge, push on, disturb, turn on, budge, shake, wake, rouse, forward, study at incite, crusade, shake up, urge on, ignite, assist, help, raise, agitate, excite, raise up, stir, touch off, fight, spur, fire up, aid, urge forward, promote, prick.

Usage examples: