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Definition of font:

  1. A basin or stone vessel in which water is contained for baptizing.
  2. A complete assortment of printing type of one size, including a due proportion of all the letters in the alphabet, large and small, points, accents, and whatever else is necessary for printing with that variety of types; a fount.
  3. A fountain; a spring; a source.


expression, typeface, causa, nerve, cause, showcase, guinea pig, instance, subject, lawsuit, baptistry, character, slip, face, fount, display case, baptismal font, case, side, brass, facial expression, fountain, baptistery, typesetter's case, sheath, grimace, look, pillow slip, pillowcase, casing, aspect, type, compositor's case, grammatical case, cheek, boldness, shell, eccentric, suit, vitrine, event, human face, example, caseful.

Usage examples: