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Definition of forbidding:

  1. Repelling approach; repulsive; raising abhorrence, aversion, or dislike; disagreeable; prohibiting or interdicting; as, a forbidding aspect; a forbidding formality; a forbidding air.


persistent, inexorable, dogged, saturnine, sinister, black, down, alarming, macabre, prohibition, minacious, frightening, sorry, proscription, menacing, unapproachable, sullen, dark, baleful, mordant, relentless, gloomy, unforgiving, inhibition, threatening, low-spirited, unrelenting, morose, gruesome, lowering, dour, ominous, severe, hostile, grisly, inauspicious, unpleasant, blue, baneful, ghastly, downhearted, uninviting, forbiddance, ban, drear, downcast, tenacious, glum, dangerous, pertinacious, banning, dingy, stern, heavy, unappeasable, down in the mouth, glowering, low, sour, dispirited, minatory, warn, ill, depressed, disconsolate, grim, inhospitable, ugly, sick, unyielding, dismal, unhospitable, drab, moody, dreary.

Usage examples: