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Definition of forebode:

  1. Prognostication; presage.
  2. To be prescient of ( some ill or misfortune); to have an inward conviction of, as of a calamity which is about to happen; to augur despondingly.
  3. To foretell.
  4. To fortell; to presage; to augur.


foreshadow, call in, omen, counter, holler, presage, send for, augur, bid, telephone, shout out, cry, annunciate, prophesy, ring, prognosticate, address, phone, portend, look for, forecast, hollo, call off, harbinger, divine, bode, previse, shout, visit, foretell, prefigure, foresight, name, predict, anticipate, yell, assure, scream, call, squall, announce, betoken, forestall, look to, auspicate, promise, herald, call up.

Usage examples: