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Definition of foresight:

  1. Action in reference to the future; provident care; prudence; wise forethought.
  2. Any sight or reading of the leveling staff, except the backsight; any sight or bearing taken by a compass or theodolite in a forward direction.
  3. Muzzle sight. See Fore sight, under Fore, a.
  4. The act or the power of foreseeing; prescience; foreknowledge.


foresightfulness, foreknowledge, antepast, vision, prospicience, discretion, hyperopia, hypermetropia, expectancy, prediction, prevision, longsightedness, prescience, presentiment, caution, prudence, presbyopia, foretaste, precaution, forethoughtfulness, hypermetropy, anticipation, circumspection, apprehension, foreboding, expectation, careful, foresightedness, preparedness, hope, forethought, acumen, forecast, forehandedness.

Usage examples: