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Definition of forgo:

  1. To pass by; to leave. See 1st Forego.


lay off, discontinue, abstain, deliver, waive, call off, drop by the wayside, let go of, free, study at waive, spare, knock something on the head, predate, premise, think better of something, cry off, withhold, throw overboard, precede, cede, back down, relinquish, antecede, introduce, forego, foreswear, stop, come before, back out, deep-six, give up, forget, abjure, forfeit, sacrifice, throw in, preface, pull back, prey, yield, raven, refrain, dispense with, allow, kick, fall by the wayside, drop out, keep, foredate, lay down, chuck up the sponge, cease, lead, hold back, antedate, throw in the towel.

Usage examples: