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Definition of formidable:

  1. Exciting fear or apprehension; impressing dread; adapted to excite fear and deter from approach, encounter, or undertaking; alarming.


shocking, hair-raising, stiff, exacting, terrible, frightening, awesome, imposing, herculean, challenging, fearsome, taxing, rigorous, testing, overwhelming, Augean, fearful, horrifying, redoubted, impressive, redoubtable, alarming, weighty, grueling, impregnable, killer, tremendous, grand, murderous, tall, terrifying, dire, unnerving, sweaty, pick-and-shovel, effortful, horrendous, forbidding, appalling, exigent, moiling, dread, fear, heavy, dangerous, dreadful, ghastly, backbreaking, hellacious, intimidating, frightful, direful, spine-chilling, scary, horrible.

Usage examples: