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Definition of formulate:

  1. To reduce to, or express in, a formula; to put in a clear and definite form of statement or expression.


organize, speak out, acquire, balanced equation, chew over, spurt, explain, work, excogitate, hatch, rise, comment, contrive, draw up, break, ruminate, make up, give form to, devise, chart, spirt, contemplate, express, throw, get, counterfeit, recrudesce, pronounce on, planned, concoct, say, sound off, machinate, joint, express, orchestrate, lay, modernise, mull over, build up, germinate, train, reflect, calcify, air, muse, dope out, word, arise, strategize, shape, project, finalize, ponder, assay, grow, behave, behavior, enounce, speculate, articulate, invent, bond, think up, make grow, spring up, scheme, adsorb, think over, plan, the carbon cycle, mold, cook up, explicate, couch, develop, meditate, phrase, vocalize, map out, clothe, dream up, words, sound out, put, remark, frame, hammer, get up, set down, give voice, forge, work out, think ahead, fix, educate, action, evolve, cast, state, fake, manufacture, craft, vocalise, modernize, blueprint, uprise, pronounce, enunciate, mould, mull, aerate, organise, design.

Usage examples: