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Definition of foxy:

  1. Having the color of a fox; of a yellowish or reddish brown color; - applied sometimes to paintings when they have too much of this color.
  2. Having the odor of a fox; rank; strong smeelling.
  3. Like or pertaining to the fox; foxlike in disposition or looks; wily.
  4. Sour; unpleasant in taste; - said of wine, beer, etc., not properly fermented; - also of grapes which have the coarse flavor of the fox grape.


tricksy, beautiful, catchy, charming, slick, means, artful, silky, cute, cunning, tricky, crafty, guileful, knavish, ability, handsome, dodgy, satiny, knowing, experienced, sleek, chanceful, honest, chancy, glib, dicey, sexy, sly, good-looking, silklike, silken, wily, pat, desirable.

Usage examples: