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Definition of fragment:

  1. A part broken off; a small, detached portion; an imperfect part; as, a fragment of an ancient writing.


decompose, e-waste, crumble, break down, spot, mite, iota, calve, bit, molecule, landfill, modicum, scatter, take apart, crock up, leftover, drop, split up, dram, a little, adjourn, dot, resolve, study at part, detail, dispel, shred, remnant, crack, debris, trash, butt, taster, dissipate, bit, disrupt, sample, ruin, dab, particle, remains, break up, substructure, shard, subdivision, minim, jot, hint, litter, crack up, end, crumb, sherd, fall apart, ort, atom, disperse, tittle, ounce, pick, scruple, division, crash, break apart, waste, continue, scrap, scrap, dissolve, dash, cut off, fragmentise, whit, unit, recess, stub, trifle, trace, instalment, junk, fragmentize, grain, interrupt, smidgen, speck, share, a bit, garbage, help, big, collapse.

Usage examples: