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Definition of freedom:

  1. Ease; facility; as, he speaks or acts with freedom.
  2. Exemption from necessity, in choise and action; as, the freedom of the will.
  3. Frankness; openness; unreservedness.
  4. Generosity; liberality.
  5. Improper familiarity; violation of the rules of decorum; license.
  6. Privileges; franchises; immunities.
  7. The state of being free; exemption from the power and control of another; liberty; independence.


leeway, run, autonomy, manumission, independency, autonomy, self-determination, sovereignty, carte blanche, dependence, constraint, prerogative, granting immunity, informality, franchise, laissez faire, latitude, self-government, scope, enfranchisement, restraint, bondage, right, independence, bent, play, democracy, ease, readiness, elbowroom, right, free, indulgence, sovereignty, spontaneity, range, slavery, option, self-government, unrestraint, choice, tighten, facility.

Usage examples: